About us

I have been in construction trades for over 15 years.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I see a person’s reaction to the work I have done. Helping others has always been something I enjoyed. My work ethic, customer relations and finished product, is something I rarely come across working for other people. That is why I have decided to start something on my own. With help of great crew whom I have worked with for years. I’m confident they will help me be a success.

Pressure cleaning is what I’m most equipped for to deliver exceptional finish product. Whether it’s gum, grease, mold, mildew, etc.,. on concrete, home, siding, brick, stucco. There is no match to the equipment we use.

Light landscaping, tree removal, home staging and small home remodels, are also what my crew and I offer as some options for customer needs. I’m very confident in myself, my crew and all things we stand by as a company.

We are going to provide a competitive pricing for services provided. We are going to have the most competitive pricing to provide the highest quality of Landscaping and Cleaning Services provided. As stated in our Mission Statement, we are going to provide the Highest Quality in Landscaping, Property Maintenance, and Renovations. This will result in the most presentable indoor and outdoor environment for our customers.

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