Savannah Peach Restoration and Landscaping

Highest Quality Landscaping, Property Maintenance, and Renovations.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the Highest Quality in Landscaping, Property Maintenance, and Renovations. We will provide a variety of services including Landscaping, Pressure Washing, House Renovations, Building on empty lots, Home Staging, Mowing, and Snow Plowing. We want the customers to feel that the services are presentable and of the highest quality in the neighborhood or business complex. We also want to eliminate the worry of any job that does not bring a presentable indoor and outdoor environment.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this plan is to get start-up capital from Financial Institutes, and other Financial Organizations. It is also a reference point for the business owner. This plan will inform other sources about future goals of business ownership.

What we can do for you




You should also know…

We will have an equal partnership to increase skill and abilities. One of our owners will be focusing on the marketing and financial aspects of the business. Our other owner will be performing sales activities and bringing in customers for our business services.


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